Terms and Condition

Kenexiam Terms and Conditions

Here are the standard terms and conditions for Website Design and apply to all contracts.

Business Terms

Kenexiam shall:

1. Provide the design and other services included in the packages.
2. Design, develop and finish the website on time.

Charges and payment

We will start designing the client’s website after paying the first subscription. Any default on the payment will mean that the full amount will have to be paid.
The payment is not refundable if the development work has been started and you terminate the contract without any valid reason.


The clients must supply the full information required by us to complete the work.
Kenexiam have the right to extend any previously agreed deadlines when the clients failed to provide the details that we need.

Approval of website

You must notify us within 7 days if you want to change something on the website. Failed to send us a message about your concern will be considered as approved.


Kenexiam agree that we will not disclose your confidential information to any third party.

Ownership of website

The ownership of website will be transferred to the client after finishing the 10 months subscription.
Failed to complete will give Kenexiam the right to remove the website from our hosting, as well as the domain.


Kenexiam ensure that the websites that we create for our clients are compatible with modern web browsers.
Kenexiam have the right to modify, add or remove any terms or conditions on this page without notice or liability to anyone.

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